Ana Maria Florea Harrison

Ana has been writing since she was a child, when she first discovered that she could express herself best by using pen and paper. When she was 12, she wrote a detective novel with western influences, but does not want to be talking too much about it. She continued to write and to win many awards at local and national literary competitions. She fell in love with fantastic prose and at 19, she published a book called Red Snow.

For reasons that only she knows and maybe she will disclose on day, Ana stopped writing literature and became a journalist. She worked for many years in the international media, she owned a cookery magazine for a while The Secrets of the Chef, but the economic crisis made her change her life once again: she became the chief of communication for a large international company.

Although she had stopped writing, the love for the written word never left her heart and and she has decided to return to the literary world with a children’s book, The Adventures of Riki, inspired by my life and mischief – Riki the dog. The book, published by Curtea Veche Publishing, was nominated for best children’s book in the main competition of literature in Romania, Ready to Print Gala – 2013. For reasons that only she knows and maybe she will tell one day, Ana decided to stop working with the publisher and embark on her own. She translated the book into English and published it on Amazon.

Now she is working on the sequel of The Adventures of Riki and a book for adults. She also works part time as a journalist at RFI and as a freelancer communication adviser.




Anthony Harrison

Tony is a very good storyteller. He loves to tell stories and to hear those told by other people. He also likes very much to read. He was in the British Special Forces, Parachute Regiment for six years. Although he is afraid of heights, he was a good paratrooper, can you imagine that? He says that what helped him overcome the fear was that military planes had no windows and he found himself in the middle of the stick, port or starboard with many behind him, so he had to jump and he could not go back.

A parachute accident later forced him to choose another profession. He returned to university in the UK and studied commerce. He lived in Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and, for several years he’s been working in Romania in the world of trade and finance. Many years ago, when his children were still small, Tony had a less common pet: a chick that his children had saved from a farm where he had been rejected by his mother hen. Lucky’s adventures with the Harrison family left wonderful memories in the hearts of all and Tony decided to preserve those memories for his children and wrote a book: Lucky the Chicken. Ana asked him to continue to write because he is very talented. Who knows, maybe one day he will write about his adventures as a paratrooper!