Câinele credincios

La București, locuim lângă Cișmigiu, într-o casă care are două apartamente. Noi stăm la primul etaj, iar parterul e în […]

The dog who shops online

  Post written by Riki Ana is undoubtedly more messy than Tony … You know, Tony was in the Army […]

The bacon from the fridge

Post written by Riki Ana put biscuits for all three of us in our bowls. Pici and Bobi rushed at […]

The atomic beans

  Post written by Pici Ana was holding me and I was becoming very – very sleepy. -Stay with mommy, my […]

What a hag is like

  Post written by Ana A week ago I was at the Romexpo Pet Exhibition in Bucharest, a very nice […]

The damaged Husky

Post written by Ana   The other day I went to a pet exhibition at Romexpo. They had these gorgeous […]

I met an angel

Post written by Ana It was raining. The month was June, but that day was cold, summer seemed it hadn’t […]

The thief down the street

Post written by Riki   It was New Year’s Eve night. Ana and Tony were preparing to go to a […]

The Dog Judge

  Post written by Riki Dog Judge The sausages from grandpa sizzling in the pan. Bobi, Pici and I lick […]