About me

I am Riki, a pup who’s very much loved by his family. I have a mother, father, grandparents, uncles and aunts – all humans. I also have three little brothers Piciorus, Bobi and Thomas. Piciorus and Bobi are dogs like me and Thomas is a tomcat.

My mother is Ana, a woman who loves all animals very much. She adopted me when I was no bigger than a fist and we’ve spent 12 years together. Ana wrote a book about my mischief, published by Curtea Veche. The book is called The Adventures of Riki and it was nominated for best children’s book in the main competition of literature in Romania, Gala Bun de Tipar – 2013.

This site brings together the beautiful story about pets, but it is not only about animals. Anyone who has a good heart can be my friend, whether it has four legs, feathers, scales or they have two legs and are humans. Ana and I wanted to create a world of love, respect and enjoyment, but some of our stories are sad because we want everyone to know about life situations from which they can learn something.

These stories can be read on our blog, where we write Ana and me. On this site Ana promotes other authors who write books for children. Our first author is no other than Ana’s husband and my step dad, Anthony Harrison.