Christmas dinner

Written by Riki
I was sleeping one day on the couch in the lobby when a delicious aroma reached the thousands of cells of my nose that detect the smell. I got up immediately and I followed the flavour.  I didn’t have to go too far, the aroma was coming from the balcony where my grandfather had put to drain the meat and the sausages that had been prepared for smoking. Grandpa makes the best sausage in the world and the best meat specialties for Christmas.
He prepares them for the whole family, for Ana and Tony, for my aunt Luiza and her family, my uncle Silviu and his family in Italy. Of course, we, the furry family members, receive some of these goodies as well. To give you an idea, this year alone grandfather and grandmother prepared 20 kilograms of sausages plus many tender and delicious pieces of meat. All these had been placed to drain on the balcony before going to be smoked. When I saw all these goodies, a thought hit me: could this be the best day of my life?
I looked to my left, I looked to my right. No one was coming. Grandpa was on the bed in his room, and grandmother was visiting some neighbors. I approached the treasure. What a wonderful smell it had! The sausages were hanging from some wooden sticks attached with rope in neat little rows, fresh and tender. And most important: all the wooden sticks holding goodies weren’t placed too high. If I stood up on two paws, I could reach enough pieces. Grandpa had taken some precautions and had lifted the treasure, but it wasn’t enough.
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I looked once again to the left and to the right. Nobody was coming. I stood on the rear paws and my teeth bit into a piece of meat. Goodness, what a taste! That was, indeed, the best day of my life. I chewed each piece carefully and moved it all round my mouth so that all my taste buds could savor and enjoy it.  I ate from that first piece as much as I could reach standing on my paws because as I said, my grandfather didn’t put the treasure that low.  When I couldn’t reach the rest of that piece, I moved to another, also standing on my back paws. I bit into it and moved it through my whole mouth. My paws started hurting, but everything was so good…. I bit into another piece of sausage. Mmmmmm! Lord, how good grandpa had made them this year too!  But the sausages were a little too high and I had to sit in an uncomfortable position, so I continued with pieces of low hanging meat. I bit into one and then another one … I chewed, I moved the scrumptious morsels around my mouth. My tummy was already full but I couldn’t just leave all those goodies hanging there! I rose once again on my back paws and I bit into another piece of meat. The last. I enjoyed it as if it was the first.
I licked my muzzle very well because I didn’t want anybody to smell and detect the meat. I then went to bed next to my grandfather. After some time I heard the angry voice of grandmother.
-Great job, husband! What possessed you to hang the meat and sausages so low?
Grandpa and I jumped out of bed. I hid immediately under the bed, I did not wait for grandma to ask me if I had liked it. Grandma’s a serious thing!
-Riki had a real feast on the balcony! Where are you, thief?
I was already under the bed and I said nothing. Grandfather had fled to secure the treasure.
-Well, grandma continued, it’s good that there were no stray dogs or cats nearby otherwise this would have been a feast for the whole neighborhood!
I stayed under the bed all day. I slept there, I did not dare to venture out. Hmm … I may have spent  the whole day under bed, but it was a wonderful day as my belly was full with the best pork meat ever.

Post written by Riki

Riki is the main character of the book The Adventures of Riki, by Ana Maria Florea Harrison. The book has been nominated for the Best Children’s Book at Gala Bun de Tipar-2014, the main literary competition of the Romanian book industry.

This is a blog created by three dogs, Riki, Pici, Bobi, a tomcat – Thomas, and a human – Ana.

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