Poor he can no longer hold it


Post written by Pici

This post follows the one about my surgery which left me without my atomic beans. You can read all about it here.

A couple of days later I was already feeling much better. I could jump easily on the couch in Ana’s office where I like to sleep when she works. And as I was sleeping quietly one morning, I heard our neighbor Pufi barking.

-Mishka, have you heard about it? The have cut off Pici’s beans.


Neighbor Pufi who doesn’t mind his own business.

-Poor Pici, Mishka the dog next to our house and Bobi’s best friend, sympathised.

-Oh, my Goodness! I heard Reddish, a very bad dog that once bit Tony, barking.

I starting barking as loud as I could. This is all I needed now… the neighbors talking about it.

-What are you saying there, you Reddish full of fleas? I asked from behind the balcony door.

-I didn’t say it, Pufi did. Is it true ?

Roșcatul care l-a mușcat și pe Tony.

Reddish who bite Tony.

-Go mind your own business and don’t hang out on the street, the dog catchers might grab you any minute now. And if they don’t, I’ll come down and tear you apart. And you, Pufi, why do you talk nonsense on the street? Ha? Do you want to get in trouble as well? Or have you forgotten that you only weight three kilograms?

-Uncle Pici, you weight only five … I heard Bobi barking behind me. That’s why they decided to cut them off, they said you weight 5 kg and you jump on large dogs…

I turned to Bobi with a huge desire of sticking my teeth into his fur, but I saw him crawling to hide behind the chair.

-I’m sorry… he said.

-Well you should be, ‘I said. They fixed Riki because he was sick, now they have cut my atomic beans. Who do you think, little Bobi, that will be next? Ha?

-Who? The goofy asked.

-You, who else? I informed him growling.

Bobi a devenit impertinent.

Bobi has become impertinent.

-Well, they won’t cut mine, Bobi replied. I heard Ana saying that she will no longer take any dog to the vet to be fixed because she suffers with all these operations. She’s traumatized. And she said that I can keep my little nuts.

Have you ever been hit someone in the head with a bat? I haven’t but I am sure it feels exactly as I felt when I heard Bobi speaking about his nuts.

-What are you talking about Bobi? What do you mean you can get to keep yours? I asked.

-Well, I don’t jump on the big dogs in the park, uncle Pici … Bobi replied with a little voice from behind the chair.

-No, you don’t jump on any dog in the park, you hide behind Ana’s legs, that is how brave you are…

-No, uncle Pici, I don’t jump on big Dobermans either… the little mongrel said.

I think these days, while I’ve been recovering, Bobi has become even more impertinent that he used to be before my surgery.


I’m wearing a jumper to keep me from licking myself

-What does the Doberman have to do with all this? Ha? I barked. He was a silly pup. All kind of little brats come to the park and start marking the trees as they please. What was I supposed to do? Allow them to do whatever goes through their heads? I’ve been allowing you to do that and look how arrogant you’ve become. Come here with that bone that you’re chewing!

-But it’s my bone, uncle Pici …

-Give me the bone because if Ana doesn’t decide to get rid of your nuts, I’ll do it right away.

Bobi understood that I was nervous and gave me the bone. I stuck my teeth into it a few times, but I was so annoyed that I didn’t really feel like chewing.

-Bobi, how come Pufi know that they cut me atomic beans? I asked Bobi.

-I told you, uncle Pici! They all asked me what had happened to you and why was I crying alone in the yard.

-You mongrel Bobi, how can you go and tell something like that to the neighbors? I asked nervously.

-Well, what could I do? Bobi answered. They were about to find out anyway. All the neighborhood talks about it, the vet must have said something. Even the people and the dogs from the shop at the corner of the street know about it, but nobody makes fun of you uncle Pici.

Of, Doamne...

Oh, God!

I laid on my stomach … I was still weak. I stretched to scratch my atomic beans, but I remembered I didn’t have them anymore. I looked at Ana who was working at the computer. So, this is how it goes, my dear Ana. You take me the vet to treat a swelling on my back and I wake up without the beans. As if not having them would convince me not to mark territory… I got off the couch and I went behind her chair. Without even lifting a leg I did a big pee on the blue carpet. Exactly like the girls who don’t have beans wee. Then I started wagging my tail and left.

-Baby, poor little Pici hasn’t recovered yet…. He can’t hold it. Look, he’s done a pee on the carpet, I heard her saying to Tony while clutching the carpet to put it in the wash.

Exactly, poor Pici. He can’t hold it anymore… I’ll show them, poor Pici huh. Just wait.

Oare voi mai dormi vreodata așa de încrezător?

Will I ever sleep so trustful again?



Post written by Piciorus

Picioruș, the arogant dog is friends with Riki the main character of the book The Adventures of Riki, by Ana Maria Florea Harrison. The book has been nominated for the Best Children’s Book at Gala Bun de Tipar-2014, the main literary competition of the Romanian book industry.

This is a blog created by three dogs, Riki, Pici, Bobi, a tomcat – Thomas, and a human – Ana.



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