The bacon from the fridge

Post written by Riki

Ana put biscuits for all three of us in our bowls. Pici and Bobi rushed at the bowls, they sniffed the biscuits and turned their noses away.

-It’s only biscuits! Oh No! Pici barked.

-Ohhh, those biscuits are just disgusting, Bobi said.

Between you and me, Ana buys only very expensive biscuits for small fussy dogs. She often says that these biscuits are more expensive than meat. I reminded this fact to the boys, but Pici barked at me:

Dogs at the fridge

Pici and Bobi at the fridge

-Then she should only buy meat, he said. It’s not me who asks her to buy biscuits for fussy dogs.

-What is it, my babies? I heard Ana asking. You don’t like them?

-No, we don’t like them, Bobi said smelling the fridge.

Just then Ana opened it to take a bottle of water and Bobi started yelping.

-I knew it! I knew it! There is a huge piece of bacon in the refrigerator, he said.

-Oh! Pici said. And she doesn’t give it to us? He asked.

-Anaaaaaaa! Bobi barked. I want baaaaacooon!

Bacon Riki&Friends

The delicious bacon hidden in the fridge

-Well smelled, kid, Pici said. Keep barking, I’ll bark too. Ana can’t hide bacon in the fridge and feed us some biscuits! Woof! We want bacon! Woooof! We want bacon!

Meanwhile, I was really hungry, so approached my bowl to eat some of the biscuits, although I could also sense the delicious smell of the bacon. Pici barked at me.

-Don’t you dare betray us, Riki! What are you eating those biscuits for?

-I’m hungry… I said.

-So what? Be patient! Can’t you understand there is bacon in the fridge? If you start eating those biscuits none of us gets anything else… Pici said.


I was very hungry

I walked away from the bowl. Pici was right…

-You are so picky! I told them angrily.

-Who is picky, Uncle Riki? Bobi asked naively. Do you mean us?

-Yes, both of you! I answered.

Pici gave me that look that he has when he’s annoyed.

-So, let’s get things straight, do you just pretend to be the dog-who-eats-everything? Can you hear yourself? You are the fussiest dog of the family. Ana has to give you food in your mouth when you’re upset. And sometimes you don’t even eat any chicken with rice … I eat anything, just that now I want bacon. And Bobi’s the same. He even wolfs down plain bread…

-That’s right! Bobi admitted naively. I wolf down everything. When Ana has bread in her hand, I jump and I grab it.

Bobi and Pici were right. I am very picky, but I don’t provoke such a scandal for some bacon. But by now my hunger had increased and that bacon did smell so good. Ana returned to the refrigerator and Pici and Bobi took their positions.

-Come on, Riki, bark with us! Pici urged me. If we all bark, she’ll have to give us some. Come on, boys, where is your fighting spirit? Wooof! Woooof! We want baaacooon!

-Wooof! Baaaacooon! Bobi growled.

I looked straight in Ana’s eyes, as I do when I want to get something and barked only once:

-Woof! I want bacon!

-Ooooh! I can’t win this one… you’ll all get a slice of bacon but you have to eat your biscuits after, she said resignedly.

Ana took the delicious piece of bacon from the refrigerator and a slice for each one. Bobi and Pici wolfed theirs immediately.

Dogs waiting for food

Pici and Bobi waiting for the bacon

-Ouuuch Bobi!  Ana cried. Bobi, I thing you’ve just swallowed my finger!

I smelt the bacon fora few seconds, I took it in my mouth and went to hide and eat it in peace in the dining room. When Ana came near me, I barked once:

-Woof! I want another piece!

Ana gave me another slice and put her finger on her lips.

-Sssssst! She whispered. Pici and Bobi are already eating their biscuits, but you know, it’s not fair that you eat two slices, and they only had one each.

I looked in the hall and I saw the two eating their biscuits. Then I looked again straight into Ana’s eyes and asked for another slice of bacon. She gave it, and I ate it without making a sound. Maybe I am possibly the fussiest dog of our family or maybe not…


Post written by Riki

Riki is the main character of the book The Adventures of Riki, by Ana Maria Florea Harrison. The book has been nominated for the Best Children’s Book at Gala Bun de Tipar-2014, the main literary competition of the Romanian book industry.

This is a blog created by three dogs, Riki, Pici, Bobi, a tomcat – Thomas, and a human – Ana.


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