The damaged Husky

Post written by Ana


The other day I went to a pet exhibition at Romexpo. They had these gorgeous cats, chic and well-trained dogs, birds and rabbits. Small, big, shaggy or less shaggy dogs, because it’s dogs that I love. They were all wonderful and did everything they could to win the beauty contests. I played with many of them including a two kilogram Chihuahua and a 70 kilogram Doberman.

I took advantage of the event to distribute some business cards and flyers with our blog, book and the Riki &Friends outfits that you can find our Romanian Facebook page. Many people enjoyed the fact that  somebody has eventually started producing dog coats in Romania and that we take orders for big dogs as well.

There also happened to be a man who laughed while looking at me and then pointing down at his dog.

-You’ll never see a Cane Corso dressed in a coat with me.

cane corso en

He didn’t believe me when I told him that I sold most of my large size coats to Cane Corso dogs because they have very short hair and get very cold in the winter. He told me that, during the winter, he makes the Cane Corso dogs run where the snow is the deepest. I don’t know how many dogs he has, but I pity them because veterinarians are full of cases of pneumonia in large dogs precisely because their masters refuse to put winter coats on them out of machismo. Meanwhile, the fat masters with big hairy bellies do wear thick coats during winter.

Another lady, as soon as I told her that I have two half breed dogs and that I had to castrate them as the law requires it. Her haste in reminding me the law that I don’t approve of anyway because it is discriminating, made me quite annoyed although I don’t intend to reproduce neither Pici nor Bobi. It’s just that her message towards me was that my dogs can’t reproduce.  She rolled her eyes when I told her that I saw a wonderful example of a Labrador with blue eyes because it was crossbred with a Husky. Bored Panda published a few months ago, a wonderful article and photos of gorgeous half breeds.

labrador eng

-But know that the Huskies with blue eyes are considered defective, she informed me. Huskies must have black eyes.

-Well why? Those with blue eyes can’t see well? I asked being very naive.

-No, it’s not that. They can see, she said, but the standard requires them to be black…

And she started explaining to me how it must be with standards and breeds.

I said goodbye and I asked her in my own mind if she was fat and was this a defect or did it mean that she was just fat. In any case, searching on Google, I discovered that the Huskies may have blue, grey or black eyes. Blue eyes are not therefore defective. You can read more about Huskies here then write to us on Facebook to tell us what you think about defective Husky breeds 🙂

In the next episode from the pet exhibition, I’ll tell you what a modern day witch is like.



Post written by Ana

Ana is a journalist and writer, the author of the book the Adventures of Riki, nominated for the best book for children at Gala Bun de Tipar-2014, the main literary competition of the Romanian book industry.

This is a blog created by three dogs, Riki, Pici, Bobi, a tomcat – Thomas, and a human – Ana.


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