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Post written by Riki

Ana is undoubtedly more messy than Tony … You know, Tony was in the Army and he learned not to leave his clothes hanging on chairs and also to make the  bed as soon as he wakes up. Ana, however, gathers piles of clothes on chairs and armchairs, excellent for us to sleep on.  We love Ana and we do not mind.

Tony, however, even if he’s very tidy with his clothes, he’s very messy with his papers and other things. So, one morning while we were all sleeping peacefully in the yellow linen of Ana and Tony’s bed because it was Monday and we don’t like Mondays, I heard Ana asking angrily:


Sleeping dogRiki sleeping dogdog in bed piciorus

We don’t like Monday mornings…

-What is this?

I don’t know what about and to whom she was talking to because as I said, we were all sleeping. Only Bobi raised his head and when he saw what Ana had in her hands, he jumped off the bed and rushed into the living room.

-Did you do it, Bobi? Ana asked.

Ana ran after him into the living room, but Bobi was too fast. He then sneaked back into the bedroom and hid under the bed.

-Get here, Bobi, I want to talk to you! Ana cried.

Ana Riki&Friends

Ana being very angry…

Bobi kept silent under the bed.

-What have you done this time, you dunderhead? I heard Pici asking.

-Nothing, Uncle Pici … Bobi tried to lie.

-Tell the truth, what have you chewed this time? I asked.

-But I haven’t chewed it to bad… just around the corner, Bobi answered. You know that thing … which holds money.

-Ana’s wallet? I cried scared.

-Nooo, Bobi said, that thing with little buttons that Tony uses when buying something online. That one wrapped in a leather cover.

Pici and I didn’t breath for a few moments. Bobi had chewed an important device that the bank gave to Tony to make payments online.

-You’re in real troubles, Bobi, I can’t help you, you little mongrel who destroys everything , Pici barked mischievously.

-I know, Uncle Pici, Ana is looking for the broom right now … Bobi whined.

I felt sorry for the poor puppy and I tried to calm him down a bit.

-Don’t worry little Bobi, she’s looking for the broom to make you come out from under the bed, not to beat you with it. You know that Ana never hurts us when we are naughty. Well,— when you and Pici are naughty because I am always good. But do tell me, what has gotten into you to chew such an important item?

-Well I found it on the floor … Tony left it on the floor, he’s guilty, and he knows I’m just a little puppy… Bobi began to justify.

-You are a lump of a dog, what little puppy are you talking about? Pici said. You weight 12 kilos now, I only weight 5 and Riki – 6 kilos…

-Well, you’ve grown quite fat since they’ve cut your atomic beans, uncle Pici… You know that Ana tells you off all the time for eating too much, Bobi replied.

Pici got very angry and began to growl.

-Cut it out, Bobi, or I’ll come over there and get my teeth into your fur before Ana comes with her broom! Pici barked.

-Pic, leave him alone! Can’t you see he’s scared? Tell me, little Bobi, why did you chew that object?

The puppy started to tell how everything had happened.

Bobi Riki&friends Token chewed by dogs

What Bobi had chewed…

-So, I found on the floor that object with leather cover and I thought that we would need some bones, you know, the ones that Ana we buys to stop chewing her things… and I also wanted some of those goodies, you know, the ones with chicken taste… and some toys since Ana gave away all the toys from the bag to the people who buy dog accessories from her. And I began to press the buttons just as Tony does … but that thing wasn’t working. And I struggled a lot, Uncle Riki, I struggled, but I couldn’t make it work. I pressed at first with one single toots, then with two teeth and It still didn’t work… and I think I must have pressed too hard.

-Ha! Pici jumped. Why did you chew the leather covers, ha? Who are you kidding? You think we’ve never chewed anything…

-No, Uncle Pici, I chewed the covers because they are made of leather and I like to chew leather… said the naive little Bobi. But, I swear, I just wanted to buy some things for the three of us. They weren’t expensive … Tony wouldn’t even know that I had spent a few pennies …

I felt sorry for the puppy who was so sincere in his story … In addition, Pici was right. Him and I used to chew all kind of silly things when we were puppies and we know what it is like when the teeth are growing. Meanwhile, Ana couldn’t find the broom but instead she had found the phone and called Tony.

-Baby, you have a token from the bank, right? A small one wrapped with a leather cover, she said.

-Yeah, I heard Tony saying with relief. I thought I had lost it. Where did you find it?

-Well, you used to have a token, Ana responded. And you are the only one to blame because you’ve left it at Bobi’s reach. You know he chews everything… Ana scolded Tony.

-Ha, what was I saying, Bobi barked happily rushing out from under the bed. Tony is the only culprit, he said wagging his tail.

Pici looked at me disgusted and said:

-You don’t believe me when I tell you he’s become impertinent…

Bobi from Riki&Friends


Riki&FriendsPost written by Riki

Riki is the main character of the book The Adventures of Riki, by Ana Maria Florea Harrison. The book has been nominated for the Best Children’s Book at Gala Bun de Tipar-2014, the main literary competition of the Romanian book industry.

This is a blog created by three dogs, Riki, Pici, Bobi, a tomcat – Thomas, and a human – Ana.


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