The thief down the street

Post written by Riki


It was New Year’s Eve night. Ana and Tony were preparing to go to a party. They got us dressed and took us out into the garden so we could go to the toilet. When it is very cold, Ana makes each of us wear a coat.


To those who consider it ridiculous to dress dogs, I will say this: we also get cold during winter. Some of us, such as Pici and Bobi, have very short hair. Others simply get cold. Dogs living inside, get used to the house temperature and tremble when they go out.

I walking behind the house when I heard Pici:

-Bobi, the gate is not closed properly. Push it, you’re stronger!


-But, uncle Pici, Ana will angry with us…

-Oh, come on, let’s go out on the street and bark at those villains on the corner.

-What villains? Bobi asked.

-Bobi, you are so silly, I’m talking about the dogs from the corner of the street… Come on, push it!  My paws are frozen!

I approached them and saw that the gate was not properly closed. We had pushed it before, but I knew Ana did not like it. She’s afraid we might get hit by cars.

-Pici, I barked. Why do you take advantage of him? Push yourself if you feel like going onto the street.

IMG_1640 IMG_1635

-But my paws are frozen, Pici yelled at me. Don’t you see how small my paws are? You have large paws full of fur. I have small paws and no fur on my toes. Come on, Bobby, push it, we’ll all freeze!

I don’t like how Pici talks to Bobi, but I also wanted to get out. I know that Ana hates it, but I really felt like going to say hi to the neighbours and wish them a Happy New Year.

-Come On, Bobi, I’ll push with to you, I said.

We put both paws on the gate and pushed.

-Come on! I’m frozen up to my tail, Pici was barking behind us. Pici has no patience.


The gate opened and we rushed out onto the street. Pici started barking like crazy at all the fences, even at those where there is no dog behind.

-Stop it, Pici, I said. Ana will hear us and she will know that we are in the street.

Why was I even bothering? Nobody can make Pici stop barking. His nickname in the neighbourhood is Scandal, after all.

IMG_1647 IMG_1645

We all ran to the corner of our street. I went near a pole to read my messages. I told you before how the dogs leave messages, they raise the leg and leave messages on poles, fences or trees. Bobi still doesn’t know how to do it so he reads mine all the time. I’m ok with that, I have nothing to hide. All of a sudden, two feet wearing winter boots stopped next to me.

-What are you doing, handsome? I heard the voice of a man.

I looked up and saw a not too good looking little man with a thick cap on his head.

-Good evening I said, sniffing his boots.


-What a beautiful coat you have! He said leaning towards me.

-Riki ! I suddenly heard Pici barking, go away! He’s a bad man, don’t you smell it?

I didn’t feel anything else except for the scent of other dogs on his boots.

-Pici, I answered, to you all people are bad … all people and all dogs.


Pici was barking very loudly. The man began to pet me.

-What you beautiful coat, he continued to say. Can I see it a little better?

-Sure you can, I said, Ana has bought it for me.

Meanwhile, Bobi and Pici were both barking at the man. Suddenly, he began to yell at them.

-Go away you yelpers! He roared and threw a stick at them.


-Heeeeey! What are you doing??? I barked! And I don’t know how the man leaned again above me and grabbed my coat. Leave me alone, you’re a bad man! I barked again.

-Hold It, pretty boy, he continued. I said that I wanted to look better at your coat. How beautiful it is, I am sure it was very expensive! He continued and started to undo the staples of my coat.

I was shocked. I didn’t manage to get make a sound. What did this guy want with my coat?

-Riki bite him! Bite him! Pici was barking from a few meters.

-Yes, uncle Riki, bite him! Cried little Bobi.

-Riki, use your teeth! Pici roared again. Bite the horrible man.


I failed to move. I have teeth, but I have never bitten anyone … I was like a rag doll in the hands of the man who removed my coat and ran away throwing rocks and sticks at Bobi and Pici. I was standing in the middle of the street, shivering. After the man disappeared with coat, Pici and Bobi came to me.

-Riki, wake up! Pici yelled.

I stood there trembling. Suddenly, I heard the voice of Ana and saw her running towards us, wearing only her party dress.

-Riki! Bobi! Pici! Come home immediately! Where are you? You naughty dogs.

Ana’s voice jolted woke me back to reality and I started to run towards her.

-Ana! Ana! I barked! Ana, a bad man stole coat!

We all jumped on her telling what had just happened. Ana saw that I wasn’t wearing my coat and took me in her arms.

-Riki, my baby, what happened? Where’s your coat? Why did you have to run into the street?

-Ana, He stole my coat! I wasn’t able to do anything. Why didn’t you teach me how to bite?

Ana was cuddling me and she was also shaking as it was so cold and she was’t wearing a coat either. She had heard Bobi and Pici barking and she realized that something bad had happened, so she fled the house without her coat, wearing only this thin dress.

-Take us home, Ana. I am so so sorry… I said cuddling up to her and trying to get warm.

Ana locked the gate behind her. She was shaking so hard because of the cold and the fear that she forgot to ask us who had opened the gate. Pici and I were both to be blamed. Bobi had only done what we made him do.

-He stole your coat. What if he had kidnapped you too my poor baby? She kept saying.



Post written by Riki

Riki is the main character of the book The Adventures of Riki, by Ana Maria Florea Harrison. The book has been nominated for the Best Children’s Book at Gala Bun de Tipar-2014, the main literary competition of the Romanian book industry.

This is a blog created by three dogs, Riki, Pici, Bobi, a tomcat – Thomas, and a human – Ana.



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