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Post written by Ana

A week ago I was at the Romexpo Pet Exhibition in Bucharest, a very nice event, with many pets and beauty contests. At this exhibition, as I was writing in my last post The damaged Husky, a woman struggled to convince me that the Huskies with blue eyes are defective. Obviously that’s not true…

I had met her, as well as many other people much nicer, whilst I was giving away flyers with my book, the blog and the Riki&Friends outfits for dogs that you can check on our Romanian Facebook page. My anger at that particular woman went away when I met a man who had a small Dachshund. He explained to me that there are standard Dachshunds and small Dachshunds. This is how I found out that Riki is in fact a  long-haired standard Dachshund. Without pedigree. There wouldn’t be a reason for him to have a pedigree as he’s not a dog, but an angel.


As I was walking around, I saw a woman who had some long haired dogs, I gave her a flyer saying we also produce waterproof coats for the rain.

The brunette woman with a big black poodle told me that she would like a coat. I looked at the dog and I could not believe it was a poodle. The hair was very long, braided in African pigtails. It looked very cute. His mistress showed me how she intertwined them and told me that indeed she needed a coat with legs in order to protect the dog’s fur down to his paws. Let’s get one thing clear. This woman who asked for coats with legs, as did another one before her, needed it not to protect the dog from cold rain, but because she needed to protect his perfect braided coat from matting. The dog participates in beauty competitions and she can’t have it looking shaggy. It’s like brushing a stylish fur coat (I have only ecological fur) and wearing it to show off.  These women wear dog fur.

canis canis 2

-I can have it tailor made, I said as it is never good to refuse customers.

-Well, the waterproof must be doubled with a special fabric which keeps the fur from matting, she informed me.

-And what kind of fabric is that? I can use it…

She looked crossly at me that I dared to ask the question.

-Well … I do not know, she answered.

-Do you have a model? If you have a model, I can understand how it’s made.

-I don’t have one, she responded giving me an evil look. I buy them from abroad…

Then she looked at my flyer and said:

pagina 2 flyer copy Pagina 1 Flyer copy

-I don’t need kitsch like this! These are kitsch.

I stepped back, looked straight into her eyes and asked without manners.

-Listen, how can you say that?

-Well I don’t want kitsch, I need something professional.

I took the flyer from her hand and said:

-You know what, if you think my clothes are kitsch, we have nothing to discuss.

And I turned my back. She might have said something after that… I have no idea. I left before saying something really bad.

I don’t know what “professional” is in her mind. I don’t even know what  “professional” clothes for dogs are. My products are classic designs, made of waterproof and lined with whatever customer wants, but classic designs. I did not invent it. I just do matching of colours and fabrics in all sizes and different collections,however I do have professional sewing machinists and pattern makers.


I have a more daring collection of coats for girls, but I didn’t tell her about those ones. I just talked to her about a classic waterproof. Which could have been tailored made for her dog with African fur. Poor soul.

I’m very sorry, however, that I didn’t call her a few names right in her face. I receive many flyers myself and even if I don’t want that product, I smile and say “no thanks”. That person who offers it to me shouldn’t feel humiliated.

I am sorry for the dog having such a mistress. A woman who considers him a product.  She doesn’t intertwine his fur because she loves him, but because she exposes him.

I know that while I’m developing this business, I’ll meet many people like her therefore, I take this post and tell them to not contact me having such an attitude. I prefer to give the clothes away for free than to have anything to do with them. These aren’t animal lovers, but animal  profiteers looking for trophy-ware. Period.

I told my boys about the hag and here are their reactions:



“Mommy, it’s better that you didn’t say anything more to her. You are a good person and you shouldn’t talk like that anyway. Someday, I hope the poor poodle will bite and flee from her and I hope that in the future he will find a mother like you! Don’t be upset anymore, we love you very much. “

pici copy


“What did you say her name was? What kind of hairy mutt did she have? Guys, come on! Riki Bobi, Fluffy, Lola, Pufi, lets go! I heard there is an old hag in Romexpo who upset Ana! Put your coloured hoodies on to show the witch that we know how to behave like dogs even if we are mongrels wearing colourful clothes. Ana, if you want, to teach her that your coats are great, I even have the guts to bite her dressed in a girl’s coat! “



“Oh, Mommy, do people like this really exist in the world? I don’t want to go to the park to do a pee. What if she sees me and tells me I’m ugly because I don’t have Africans fur? What if she will turn me into a cat? Can I come in your arms? Hmmm …  but it really seems the kind of story made out to scare children. If I have a bad dream, I’ll come next to you, Ok?”




Post written by Ana

Ana is a journalist and writer, the author of the book the Adventures of Riki, nominated for the best book for children at Gala Bun de Tipar-2014, the main literary competition of the Romanian book industry.

This is a blog created by three dogs, Riki, Pici, Bobi, a tomcat – Thomas, and a human – Ana.



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